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Charter the Three Popular Italy Villas in Summer and Winter

Quite a lot of villas may be rented out by tourists for the seasons of summer and winter in the country of Italy. These villas are the Apartment Merignolle, Castello di Tiziano, and La Citadella. Select Italy offers top vacation rentals in Italy and these are no exception.

Apartment Merignolle is a 3-bedroom apartment that can accommodate 4 to 5 individuals. This vacation rental, which is very extravagant, is established in Florence and there are many beautiful views that guests can witness from here. Tranquility may be experienced while staying in this house not only because of the classical design but also due to the wonderful views of the Tuscan area around it.

The rooms in this Tuscan villa are equipped and complete. As a matter of fact, the kitchen in Apartment Merignolle has cooking gadgets that allow the guests to cook their own meals. A plus factor in the kitchen is that the ingredients that may be utilized by the guests are all fresh seeing that these came from the Chianti Hills.

Next villa that may be used by guests during summer and winter is Castello di Tiziano. This villa has about 9 bedrooms and it can house up to 18 guests.

Castello di Tiziano is established on top of a hill and the Tizzano Chianti vineyards may be observed from this place. Aside from the beautifully-landscaped garden, it has been said that the guests were all able to relax in this villa due to the the infinity pool.

Historic pieces of furniture as well as the trompe l’oeil were used in order to make Castello di Tizzano classy and luxurious. Two of the nine bedrooms are found on the second floor while the others are found at the tower linked to the main house. And, on the ground floor are a number of drawing rooms where guests can have a get-together.

Lastly, La Citadella is a 6-bedroom luxury villa that has been established in the 19th century. This villa is large enough that it can cater to as many as 12 individuals. The villa is very much unique due to the ceilings with wooden beams, the traditional Tuscan-styled terracotta tile floors, pieces of old-fashioned furniture, and the interiors that are based on the trompe l’oeil designs.

People who enjoy the outdoors will surely benefit from staying in this particular villa. This is because outdoor dining area as well as the outdoor pool may be used by the guests of La Citadella.


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