Di Casa in Sicilia offers luxury private villas in Sicily

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On your next luxury vacation to Italy, look to the southern region Sicily for a remarkable vacation away from the beaten paths of Rome and Florence. Away from crowded streets and beaches, Sicily is the perfect destination for who want to fulfil a great holiday. Di Casa In Sicilia offers unique luxury villas for those who pursue the best to live and enjoy a custom-made holiday in unique dwellings that provide all the comforts.

The refined atmosphere of the 19th century Sicilian lifestyle, as immortalized in Luchino Visconti’s film Il Gattopardo, still arouses an authentic, unique charm. The countryside, coast and islands of Sicily are full of real gems that in the past were noble families’ summer residences. It is an excellent choice for your next luxury vacation that is filled with spectacular scenery, gorgeous private villas, yacht charters and other luxury travel options. Sicily truly is the jewel of southern Italy.

Today, Di Casa In Sicilia provides the opportunity to live in a luxury private villa, drenched in a timeless charm with an enchanting history. Sicily offers a wide selection of villas tucked into lush countryside or overlooking the serene Mediterranean.

In the countryside of Modica, in the heart of the Sicilian Baroque is Torre del Cozzoverro; an ancient, beautiful farmstead whose origin dates back to the end of the eighteenth century. This exclusive country private villa is a perfect example of local traditional architecture and culture that has been thoughtfully restored, retaining the original charm. The private villa consists of a main building with courtyard (Masseria) and an adjacent tower (Torretta). It has a well maintained garden with lawn, almond-trees, citrus and centuries-old olive trees and a big swimming pool with hydro massage and a room with toilets, showers and dressing-rooms, surrounded by a wide solarium-terrace with parquet flooring.

Il Faro is a gorgeous luxury private villa in Art Nouveau style with private pool, situated in the northeast in Messina close to the two characteristic saltwater lakes Faro and Ganzirri. The private villa from Di Casa in Sicilia was once a  laboratory for extracting essences from the surrounding citrus fruits. It is sprawled across a wide park which is perfect for long walks in the shade of centuries-old trees and then a pleasant swim in the swimming pool.

For those who prefer a terrace with a breathtaking sea view, Di Casa in Sicilia offers a wonderful private villa l’Ulivo di Pollara in Salina, one of the Aeolian Islands. The property, built according to the typical, Aeolian architecture, is situated in a charming location amid beautiful natural scenery: an oasis of sheer Mediterranean vegetation, luxuriant growings of “malvasia” grapes (famous dessert wine) and capers bushes, behind stands the “Monte dei Porri”, facing a stunning sea view with Alicudi and Filicudi islands silhouetting against the horizon.

For additional information, please visit Di Casa In Sicilia profile. Photos courtesy of Di Casa in Sicilia.


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