Perfect Island Getaway: Sicily Villa Rentals on the Beach

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Sicily Vacations from Di Casa In Sicilia

Sicily‘s islands are a wealth of history and folk traditions, such as the tuna fishing off the Egadi Islands, of typical buildings such as the Aeolian houses and Pantelleria’s dammusi, of stunning views and wonderful sea-swimming, great beaches and marine reserves that are the ideal places for all the nature and diving lovers. The beautiful islands of Italy are charming and enchanting also because of their fascinating geophysical characteristics: some are active volcanoes that offer plenty of mountain and coastal walking experiences for those who want to discover their unspoilt, wild nature.

Experience the islands authentic lifestyle, history and culture on your villa holidays. A perfect beach villa is L’Ulivo di Pollara: built in typical Aeolian manner and sited on the volcanic island of Salina, the second largest of the Aeolian Islands. Behind it stands the Dei Porri mountain, in front of it the two islands of Alicudi and Filicudi rise above the horizon. The house is surrounded by impressive flora and ocean scenery in this region famed for its culinary delights such as capers and the Malvasia dessert wine.

Unique and charming are also the so called “Dammusi”: low buildings of Arabic origin made of dark volcanic stone that feature nice vaulted ceilings. DiCasaInSicilia offers an exclusive complex of dammusi sited in Pantelleria – the untamed beauty of the Sicilian islands. The seven exclusive villas each have their own little courtyard, swimming pool, covered terrace and a large garden which invites guests to spend relaxed hours in its beautiful sunny atmosphere with a view of the ocean.

Luxury and tradition are the main features of Villa sul Mare. This villa boasts a stunning sea view over the cliff edge and is sited on the Costiera del Grosso, a beautiful stretch of coast on the island of Favignana. The island, known for the traditional tuna fishing, is the largest of the Egadi archipelago and one of the most loved diving and snorkelling destinations in Sicily.

DiCasaInSicilia offers a vast selection of charming accommodation on the Sicilian islands.


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