Discover Select Italy’s Umbria Luxury Villa Pianciani

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Discover Select Italy’s Umbria-based Villa Pianciani

Select Italy has been providing excellent luxury vacation accommodations and services since 1997 and they continue to offer the most memorable experience in Italy until this very moment. Aside from expeditions, this travel company also makes sure that their guests will enjoy their vacation in the most beautiful villas in the country of Italy. And, among the most gorgeous luxury villa rentals from this group are the Le Vecchie Cucine, Il Casale dei Rombi, and “Delizia di Terraja”, which are all part of the Villa Pianciani in Umbria.

The Il Casale dei Rombi (Casale dei Rombi or Diamond’s Cottage), is established on a 10-hectare land. This is a fine-looking, stone-made villa that has been a part of Villa Pianciani before the massive renovation. It’s ample size and living space makes it the perfect choice for family vacations.

Those who are seeking for a quick escape from the city ruckus may choose this particular villa. It has three bedrooms that are all decorated with the history of Pianciani in mind. Furthermore, there are 200-foot swimming pool, a large drawing room equipped with two sleeping couches, and fireplaces in both the living room and kitchen.

La Delizia di Terraja Villa Piancini - Umbria Luxury Villa Select ItalyThe luxury villa “Delizia di Terraja” and this is built on the top of the hill thus giving spectacular views of the olive groves and vineyards. This 18th century villa is created based on the plan of Guiseppe Valadier, a popular architect who was behind the conception of Rome’s Piazza del Popolo.

Various things can be enjoyed in this villa such as the 8 bedrooms that can accommodate 14 to 17 guests, billiard table, two living rooms, dining room with a fireplace, and a private library. Of course, like the two other villas, the villa also has a 200-foot swimming pool and a small chapel.

The 3-bedroom Le Vecchie Cucine, which means “the old kitchens”, and this is also known as Bianchina. This is a building that has three floors and is considered to be a portion of the historic structure Villa Pianciani. This was previously just the kitchen of the lodge but is now converted into a separate cottage. The new structure does not look anything like a kitchen as it is now composed of large rooms that can accommodate up to 6 guests.

The guests will surely feel well once they experience a very relaxing stay in “the old kitchen”. Among its admirable attributes are the breathtaking views of Montefalco and Spoleto plus the house itself emanates a peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for a getaway.

Bianchina has three adequately-sized bedrooms with personal bathrooms each, a 200-foot swimming pool, beautiful garden, a small-sized chapel, and an art studio. Other features that can be taken advantage of by the guests are the satellite television, Internet access, air-conditioning units, telephone, DVD player, and many more.


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