Domaine de Luxe offers Luxury Villa in Marbella for Easter 2011

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Easter Holiday Private Apartments and Villas Now Available

Situated in gorgeous Andalucia, specifically in the outskirts of Marbella within the vibrant and historical parts of Spain, the Moorish luxury villa rental El Huerto Del Baron is a remarkably welcoming and inviting place that’s filled with hand-woven rugs, elegant antiques, and a host of other high-quality amenities. Aside from just bells and whistles, the Marbella Moorish Villa in Southern Spain is also renowned for its wonderfully warm climate during Easter (which is both a religious holiday of worship and an event of pure nonstop celebration). Easter is a best time for visits because of the Semana Santa festivities from the 17-24th of April.

You’ll be treated with attractions and events such as street parties, brass bands, and decorated floats during this period, so if you want a taste of the Spanish culture in an entertaining fashion, then renting the Marbella Luxury Villa during Easter is a must. What’s more, this handsome vacation rental is wonderful to visit all year round as well thanks to its world-class golf courses, historic monuments, white villages, beaches, and everyday sunshine. It can house up to ten guests, which means it’s an ideal family holiday destination. What’s more, it also features a heated pool and spacious outdoor terrace as well.

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There’s always an opportunity to bask in the gloriousness of summer when staying at the Marbella Luxury  Villa. To be true, it can double as a modern-day Garden of Eden as well thanks to its benefits like its spacious kitchen gardens full of fresh vegetables and fruit that can be used for lunch, its vine-covered pergola, and its shades courtyard. There’s nothing quite like relaxing in the gardens of Marbella Moorish Villa while sipping a glass of sherry and enjoying some tapas. Concierge services are also available for arranging spa, golf, or dinner reservations. Besides which, the on-request private chef is always available to serve you too.

For only twenty thousand euros, you too can enjoy the very best this Marbella Moorish Villa can provide, which includes toiletries, towels, bed liners, breakfast, a gardener, and a housekeeper. If you want something a bit more spacious than the abovementioned Andalucian wonder, then how about you try out the Contemporary Chic Villa in Cap Ferrat? It can house from eight to twelve guests comfortably, and it’s located in the heart of the fishing village of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Its claim to fame includes luxury galore and amenities aplenty, as proven by its two swimming pools, extensive gardens, panoramic views of the serene bay, and a striking modern villa that’s the symbol of cosmopolitan living.


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