Experience Summer in Pollenca with Mallorca Farmhouses

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Experience Summer in Pollenca with Mallorca Farmhouses

Summer will surely be more exciting if you would choose to travel to Pollenca in Mallorca. This place is a mixture of heat, wonderful views, rich culture, gorgeous shores, and superb music thus making it a perfect summer destination. After all, Pollenca’s music (including traditional music, classical, and jazz) will be brought to life on the 50th Pollenca Music Festival in the months of July and August. The holiday will become more exhilarating by renting out any of the luxurious Mallorca Farmhouses properties that costs an average of £378 each person per week.

One of the events that the visitors should watch out is the Pollenca Music Festival, which is actually among the many traditional affairs of the island. Since concerts are expected during Wednesdays and Saturdays, guests may spend the rest of the week in discovering the wonders of the area, the main square, beaches, and boutique stores. The whole day will surely be consumed effectively because the tourists may try out Pollenca’s delicacies and climb the Calvari staircase at night.

Guests should not worry since a restful stay is promised by renting out any of the country cabins, fincas with standard decorations, and extravagant cottages offered by Mallorca Farmhouses. Aside from a comfortable lodging, features like welcome package, personal assistants, and swimming pool are also included.

Mallorca Farmhouses Finca Las MartorellThe first choice among Mallorca’s properties is the C’an Picassa, which is a cottage that contains 3 bedrooms and is situated among the Pollenca hills in the “Son March” valley. This house may be old with an age of about 300 years but it can still provide a soothing vacation through the roofed terrace, outsized field, and beautiful views. A one week stay in this villa costs £2,265 for 6 people (or £378 per head).

Guests may also select Ca’an Roig, which also has three bedrooms but the unique features of this are that guests can have a view of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains while the Puerto Pollenca shores are accessible. This particular villa is perfect for family outings as it has roofed verandas, wide fields, game consoles, table tennis set, and a BBQ casita is available at the side of the pool. A group of six who decides to stay for a week should pay £2,539 (or £423 per head).

Lastly, the four-bedroom Finca Las Martorell, which is a renovated luxury villa in the island, may be rented as well. There are various things that can be taken advantage of while staying in this villa like the fruit orchard, covered patios, and an outdoor oven. For a price of £2,902 (or £415 per person), six guests can share the cottage for one whole week.


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