Hawaii Honeymoons and Luxury Beach Vacations report high numbers for 2009

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Hawaii Tourism has reported strong numbers for Europeans choosing Hawaii for their main holiday getaway. Europeans travelling to Hawaii have bucked the current travel trends. Despite a worsening economic climate in 2008, Europeans visiting Hawaii rose significantly compared to 2007.

Hawaii continues to attract new European visitors to its shores, the majority being first-timers. Furthermore, Europeans holidaying in Hawaii are spending more money and staying longer. Total expenditure by European visitors increased by 7.4%, with the average length of stay rising to 12.8 days, in comparison to 2007 reports of only 12.3 days.

Hawaii continues to be a strong draw for Europeans looking for the ultimate romantic destination with honeymooners being one of the largest single groups to the islands. 11,980 European visitors chose a Hawaii honeymoon during 2008, a significantly higher proportion of its overall visitors compared to any other market. Oahu is still the island of choice with 72% of all European visitors opting for the capital island, followed by Maui with 36%.

From an international perspective, in 2009 Hawaii has welcomed over 3.8 million total visitors at the end of July with visitors in July alone up 1.5% from the same time last year. Oahu still remains the most visited island although the Big Island has seen the largest percentage increase in visitors, with international visitors up 51% in July.

With 2009 presenting further challenges to international travel, Hawaii Tourism Europe, as part of its Strategic Plan to 2015, is working to promote Hawaii as a unique, memorable and enriching visitor experience which values and perpetuates Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources. Such activity will assist in attracting further high spend European visitors to Hawaii in 2009.


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