In Villa Veritas Opens Villa Tre Ville Franco for Rental

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In Villa Veritas Opens Villa Tre Ville Franco for Rentals

Villa Tre Ville Franco in Amalfi Coast is now opened for private rentals and is considered as the “new crown jewel” of the Amalfi Coast.  The Amalfi Coast villa was previously owned by Franco Zeffirelli, a well-known film and opera director and is full of artistic charms and stylish details.

According to Laura Blair, a villa specialist and the founder of In Villa Veritas, their company is very much confident to introduce the newest part of their luxury villa collection, the Villa Tre Ville. There are a lot of estates owned by this company in various parts of the European continent, United States, and Caribbean. And, they are happy to open a new villa in the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Villa Tre Ville has gone through large renovations so as to change the property into four separate extravagant villas. As a matter of fact, this newly-revamped villa can now house as many as 30 individuals.

The massive reconstruction of this luxury villa has been carefully planned by the villa specialists. In fact, almost all of the rooms in this villa are created with roomy balconies where guests can take in the spectacular natural views. Furthermore, the three villas have small-sized swimming pools and there are also a community pool and a spa.

Those who want a more natural swimming may take a dip into Tyrrhenian Sea’s clear waters. And, there are also the flat rocks at the docks that are perfect for sunbathing and these are equipped with tables, parasols, and lounges.

Villa Tre Ville has four houses and three of which are the cabins known as the Villa Rosa, Villa Bianca, and Villa Azzura (Pink, White, and Blue Villas). Plus, there is also the Three Pines Villa or Villa Tre Pini, which was included by Zeffirelli afterwards.

Tourists who will be staying in Villa Tre Ville will also enjoy the good food to which it had become popular for as well. The villa has its own garden with fragrant herbs, vegetables, and fruits that may all be used for cooking.

The guests may also benefit from the dishes made of fresh fish since these can be caught in the waters of the Li Galli Island. Plus, the nutritious olive oil, which is produced by the landowner of an estate in Sorrento, may also be utilized. There are fresh eggs that may be gathered in island of Li Galli as well. Lastly, delicious wines, which come from the local vineyards, are also being served in this villa.


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