Introducing Petersham Properties’ Holiday Rentals

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Introducing Petersham Properties' Holiday Rental Services

Petersham Properties has now arrived in the vacation rental stage with a bang in order to set new standards in luxury vacation homes. This exclusive property renter specializes in highly sought and privately hosted homes and buildings in some of the most beautiful and renowned places in the globe.

It’s a network of elite vacation rentals that sports a varied portfolio of thoroughly chosen holiday villas that are owned and preserved by client with high standards of quality and impeccable tastes. Petersham Properties is a company is doing that’s everything right when it comes to making a name for itself in its chosen market, specifically when it comes to the types of homes it has on hand as well as the countries they’re located in.

Gael Boglione and Annabel Brooks’ twenty-five years of travel experience weren’t wasted at all once you take a gander at what Petersham Properties has to offer. The founders of the Petersham Properties company know precisely what discriminating customers want when it comes to shopping for quality holiday accommodations because they’ve “been there” and “done that” in terms of experiencing the best and the worst in vacation properties.

Petersham Properties is also a rental company that’s aware that certain types of vacation homes flourish in certain types of environment. Its portfolio features a wide range of property types that includes entire private islands with lighthouses, riads, chalets, chateaux, and country homes, among many other real estates. What’s more, each and every one of these homes has been handpicked for their wonderful location, peaceful surroundings, and stunning interiors fit for the tastes of royalty and celebrities everywhere. As such, Petersham Properties currently features a compilation of the world’s most wanted and elite vacation real estate properties, some of which aren’t even normally available for rent at all.


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