LeSki introduces the 5 New Chalets of Scalottas Lodge

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LeSki introduces the 5 New Chalets of Scalottas Lodge

There are five new chalets in Scalottas Lodge presented by LeSki as of late. These five cabins contain a hot tub, high-class equipment, and a large pool. The five lodges are known as the following: Chalet Les Marmottes, Chalet L’Eterlou, Chalet Le Blanchot, Chalet Le Bouquetin, and Chalet Le Chamois.

First off, Chalet Les Marmottes is a cabin that can accommodate two guests. It is an ideal vacation house due to its one-of-a-kind features like the modern furnishing, a spa area with hot tub and large swimming pool, a whirlpool bath, log fireplace, and free wireless Internet connection. It has one bedroom but can be used by 2 or more individuals.

Next is Chalet L’Eterlou and it is almost the same as the first cabin due to its features. This lodge can house about 4 to 6 individuals as it has two bedrooms. There is a twin-sized room that can accommodate two guests while there is another room containing two large beds that can be shared by four guests.

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Third is the Chalet Le Blanchot is a lodging that can accommodate 4 guests. It has similar features as the other Scalottas Lodges. It is composed of two twin-sized rooms and each has a balcony of its own. The chalet is decorated using high-class pieces of furniture thus giving a feel of extravagance.

And then there is the Chalet Le Bouquetin, which has three bedrooms that can be shared by 6 to 10 individuals. It is very spacious that is why it can offer great amount of relaxation among all the guests.

Last but not the least is Chalet Le Chamois and it also has three bedrooms that can accommodate 6 guests. Its striking quality is the bedroom located at the mezzanine floor that has well-equipped bathroom.


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