Mallorca Farmhouses: C’an Picassa Luxury Villa

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Mallorca Farmhouses: The C'an Picassa Experience

The world renowned, self-catering vacation rental experts known as Mallorca Farmhouses are at it again! As a tribute to their long legacy of quality luxury service, they’re presently offering a special deal on the charming C’an Picassa.

The award-winning vacation rental company regularly provides high-class, premium grade farmhouses, country cottages, fincas, and villas located near to and with signature spectacular views of the mountains for only £356 weekly. Every last piece of property and real estate within Mallorca‘s care includes a maid service, welcome pack, and private pool. As for the C’an Picassa, it’s arguably the cream of the crop of Mallorca Farmhouses‘ extensive (and impressive) portfolio of rentals because it’s a three-bedroom property that sleeps over six people and is located within the jaw-dropping scenery in the Pollenca Hills.

Few vacation houses in existence can boast of “character” like the C’an Picassa could thanks to its covered dining terraces, spacious grounds, outdoor barbecue equipment, sensational panoramas, and breathtaking views of the sun from sunrise to sunset.

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You’ve never experienced high-class living until you’ve stayed at Mallorca‘s very own C’an Picassa. Prices for this farmhouse begin from £725 per week in 2012. Besides which, by staying at a Mallorca Farmhouse, you’ll be able to feel the bracing, unpolluted mountain breeze for yourself at the comfort of a top-ranked vacation property that serves as your home away from home. In particular, you can experience being mountain high with Mallorca Farmhouses by checking out its Sierra de Tramuntana properties.

On other great reason to visit Mallorca‘s Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range is because it has recently been awarded by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) the status of World Heritage just recently. Thanks to the mountain ranges’ culture, history, and magificent landscape, it has quickly become one of the chief attractions of both Mallorca and Mallorca Farmhouses’ collection of wonderful vacation rentals. The majestic tourist hotspot also features breathtaking sea views, thriving fauna, variegated flora, birds of prey, inviting villages, and many other benefits that travelers, cyclists, and walkers will appreciate.

What’s more the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains also stretch for over ninety kilometers from Pollenca in the north to southwest of the island at Andratx. This majestic natural resource even offers valleys with citrus and olive groves, high peaks, and rocky cliffs that all contribute to an awe-inspiring sight. If you want to visit the area and immerse yourself in a place deemed a cultural icon in its own right, the Mallorca Farmhouses‘ army of accommodation specialists will easily offer you a great selection of self-catering, high-standard properties for only £356 weekly. Indeed, the company epitomizes topnotch rentals that few of its competitors can ever hope to imitate.


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