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Mallorca Farmhouse villa in Mallorca: Ca'n Roig

Self-catering accommodation specialist, Mallorca Farmhouses, has updated its website, services and developed new initiatives for 2010. Mallorca Farmhouses now offers a Web-based Partner Programme designed specifically to help agents with bookings.

The Mallorca Farmhouses renovations also feature a new client feedback-based ratings system for Mallorca Villa Rentals.

The company has significantly increased its presence on Facebook and established a new Bookmark scheme to benefit existing customers. Mallorca Farmhouses has also been named one of the “100 Best Summer Holidays for 2010″ from the Times Online.

In order to provide the best Following valued feedback from agents, Mallorca Farmhouses has developed a ‘Partner Programme’ which allows agents to create a new booking and manage holidays for their clients online. Benefits of the programme include: Live availability and online reservations for agents; the ability to review, manage and update all bookings with Mallorca Farmhouses directly; obtain access to Mallorca Farmhouses’  live pricing and availability feeds, and access to offers and promotions exclusively available to partners/agents.

Mallorca Farmhouses’ website now features customer ratings for each property, so that agents and future clients can make a more informed decision on choosing the ideal holiday accommodation. These ratings have been gathered from over 60,000 responses in feedback forms from Mallorca Farmhouses’ customers at the end of their holiday.

Clients are asked to rate their response to various questions regarding the property and Mallorca Farmhouses’ representative service from 1 to 5, with 1 being Poor and 5 being Excellent. The average scores are then published on the website.

Mallorca Farmhouses has significantly increased its presence on Facebook. Following an ongoing, highly successful advertising campaign, fan members have increased on the popular social networking site by 600% in less than a month and it has become their fourth largest referral site for online bookings. Clients can participate in discussions with other Page Fans, view photos of holiday homes, updates, events and more.

A new campaign for existing customers for 2010 is “Bookmark,” meaning clients can hold a property on Mallorca Farmhouses‘ website without any obligation for up to seven days. When the booking is confirmed, customers can choose a free book to take on holiday and receive a complimentary Mallorca Farmhouses bookmark.


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