Merrion Charles Presents the Newest Offers in Different Destinations

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Merrion Charles Presents the Newest Offers in Different Destinations

In the southern part of Siena, Tuscany, there is an elegant lodging that oozes with luxury and peacefulness.

This beautiful home is large enough that it can accommodate about 10 to 14 individuals. And, the popular vacation house is known as the Casa dei Pipistrelli.

Casa dei Pipistrelli has a special offer this coming month of August. The promo will be available during the months of August and September and this limited offering will be presented on August 20, 2011. The regular cost of stay is €9,750 and this will have a discount wherein the clients will only have to pay €6,250.

Moreover, the clients may also enjoy the 4-night break at the Cao Ishka and couples will only have to pay €1,100 each. And, if the couples will book for a group of four then they will be charged lesser of about €950.00 for every couple.

The Caol Ishka Hotel found in Siracusa, Sicily is a fine-looking destination spot for people who are interested in knowing more about the province of Siracusa. Few of the things that can be taken advantage of by the tourists who will avail of the hotel’s offer is the wonderful accommodation and two cooking sessions, which will be led by the popular chef Massimo Giaquinta. In addition, the guests may enjoy the dinner for couples at the Zafferano Bistro.

Furthermore, the travelers will get a chance to have a half-day tour around the hottest spots in the island of Ortigia as well as the Plemmirio’s Marine Reserve on the South Coast. And then, during the breaks, the guests will have cooking sessions and sea cruise.

There is also the painting activity that will be held in the hills of Tuscany and this will be launched by Rosie Sutherland and Fothergills Gallery. Relaxation will be at the maximum level during the painting event that will take place from September 11 to September 16, 2011 at Borgo di Castelvecchio.

The event will be hosted by David Durston and Chris Fothergill, who are known as the two of Cotswold’s greatest artists. These two experts have been in the world of art for about 20 years already and are presently known to be guiding a group with 25 members. This is a definitely an amazing happening given that the participants will be able to unwind through painting, eat the most delicious Tuscan foods and wines, and tour around the towns of the said province.

Lastly, a memorable experience is guaranteed by the Deramore Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean. The tourists will enjoy the cruise along the Tuscan coast and they will also see the magnificent destinations such as the coves of Giglio, Sardinia, and the beaches of Elba. The yacht offered by this company can accommodate up to 8 individuals has features such as air-conditioning unit, internet connection, and plasma television.


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