New Zealand: Top Luxury Vacation Spot 2011 from Scott Dunn

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The Next Extravagant Vacation Spot in the Year 2011

Scott Dunn is a well-known travel agency that provides magnificent tours and vacation rentals in the grandest vacations spots in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa, India, and Arabia. And, as of the latest, they have considered New Zealand as 2011’s newest tourist site for the travelers who desire luxurious escapade.

New Zealand has been proven to demonstrate sceneries that are movie-like and these are actually deemed to be suitable for quest-seeking people. These superb qualities must be the reason why the country made it to the hot list of the people craving for exciting journeys. But aside from the natural beauty, New Zealand continues to draw the attention of many tourists through the vast number of Super Lodges emerging one after another thus making it a wonderful holiday place in an instant.

New Zealand’s tourism business continues to flourish and the luxury tour and vacation agency Scott Dunn used this as a cue to bring to the travelers a one-of-a-kind offer through the spanking new and unique Super Lodge routes.

The proposed plans created by Scott Dunn for the exploration of their tourists include visiting the good number of New Zealand’s exceptional parklands. In addition, the travelers will also get a chance to stay in cottages that offer first class services, delectable foods, and wines that are made delicious with age.

According to Olivia Smith, a Scott Dunn employee who is dedicated to New Zealand’s tourist spots, it is obvious that the country continues to offer more when it comes to its tourism. It can be witnessed today that New Zealand has so many things to present to the visitors like their wide range of first-rate lodgings. In line with this, it has been observed that New Zealand’s Super Lodge presentation allows tourists to see the trendy side of the country and to experience what it is like to live in a dazzling property in the rural area.

Smith also supported the fact that the Super Lodge reservations increased dramatically due to the latest offerings of New Zealand. And, she stated that the bookings will definitely continue to boom since many fans will travel all the way to the country just to become a part of the phenomenal Hobbit and the Rugby World Cup, which will take place in the year 2011.

Visitors who are planning to avail Scott Dunn’s 16 nights of Super Lodge Experience must prepare $9,795 per head. Of course, this will already include a tour among New Zealand’s treasured tourist spots plus the flights to and from the country via Air New Zealand. The offer is available for $9,795.


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