Pantai Lima Commemorates Robuchon’s 2nd Year Anniversary

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Pantai Lima Estate Head Chef Commemorates Robuchon’s 2nd Year Anniversary

The nephew of Joël Robuchon, Sebastien Robuchon, is given the title of “The Chef of the Century” due to his great talent as well as leadership in the kitchen. And, as of the latest, it has been said that it is already his 2nd year anniversary as the head of the kitchens of the Pantai Lima Estate in Bali.

Sebastian Robuchon is known for his great knowledge and skills when it comes to French cuisine as well as the “cuisine actuelle”. Moreover, this European chef is well-informed when it comes to the modern cooking style of the Asian continent.

Joël Robuchon’s teachings had been the foundation of Sebastian Robuchon’s talent. As a matter of fact, the long years of Robuchon’s studies had been used up in learning from his equally skilled uncle. Through the years, it has been learned that this head chef continued to spend his time in learning in the kitchens. This, then, paved way to the good reputation of Robuchon in the midst of the cognoscenti.

Pantai Lima’s head chef was able to produce an array of dishes that are definitely enjoyed by the guests of Pantai Lima. Some of his creations during his two years of service are the chocolate ganache and lemon-ginger bavarois and inter alia. There is also the mushroom cappuccino, which is the head chef’s signature dish. He was also able to make his personal style of the Babi Guling, which is a popular food in the country of Indonesia.

The service of Sebastian Robuchon strengthens the standing of the Pantai Lima Estate among the other luxury beachfront villas. As a matter of fact, this particular resort is considered to be one of the best in Bali.

Pantai Lima is deemed as a very extravagant property that contains a great number of luxury villas. This is established at Pererenan, which is one of the best beaches in Bali. This area is rich in untouched waters where the guests can enjoy their hobby of fishing. Furthermore, the bistros, nightlife, and shopping malls of Bali are accessible from the estate.

There is a variety of beachfront villas that offers a breathtaking view of the ocean such as: Mary, Melissa, and Ambra. Each of these villas is beautifully created and is definitely unique in style. Lastly, the villas are large enough that these can accommodate a great number of guests. There are pools and gardens that can further promote relaxation as well.


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