Enjoy a Vacation with PureItaly’s Villas

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Enjoy a Vacation with PureItaly’s Villas

Discerning travelers should take a break once in a while and it will be best if they were to spend their break at PureItaly‘s traditional luxury villas that are distributed among the spectacular regions of Umbria or Tuscany. Of course, luxurious stay is guaranteed with the wide array of Italian holiday lodgings and villas that are owned by PureItaly.

The wonderful region of Tuscany is known as a melting pot of stunning sceneries, beautiful culture, and breathtaking sceneries. This region is also very much historical as it is the origin of Renaissance and it is also the home of art-centered cities such as Siena, Pisa, and Florence.

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It is also true that Tuscany’s astonishing culture has been one of the main reasons as to why there is a continuous increase of tourists that visit the region per year. However, it should also be taken into consideration that well-known individuals as well as foreign superstars are very much drawn into this place due to the stone-built cottages that are established in the midst of Chianti’s rolling hills.

The state of Umbria, which is small and is found at the center of the country, is not as popular as Tuscany. Even though it happened to be this way, Umbria still has a certain level of fame due to its rich cookery, history, and culture. In addition, this specific region also has brilliant history over the centuries making it popular on its own little way. The “green heart of Italy” or Umbria is the dwelling place for amazing art so the enthusiasts must add this region to their destinations.

Tourists are truly attracted to Tuscany and this has been evident for many centuries already. As a matter of fact, a lot of past and present distinguished personalities like Michael Douglas, Sting, Goethe, and Stendhal identified the region as their preferred vacation spot. This is truly an appealing place for an enjoyable vacation because it possesses the most outstanding features, a calm climate, and a first-rate quality of life.

Tuscany also has certain areas that are called “Chiantishire” based on its deep connection with the British national awareness. Nevertheless, people still continue to direct their attention to this state due to its unique rolling hills as well as the very natural cypress trees. Moreover, the sceneries, architecture, and its art are pleasurable to look at. For this reason, tourists end up loving the place and more people are planning to have a grand vacation in this special region.


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