Reef Villa and Spa in Sri Lanka Introduces New Champagne Bar

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Reef Villa and Spa in Sri Lanka Introduces the New Champagne Bar

The Reef Villa and Spa is a first-class hotel in Sri Lanka that is established in a 3-acre tropical land. It contains swimming pools and palm-made pavilion that truly demonstrates extravagance.

As many as seven luxurious suites may be chosen from by the tourists who will spend their vacation in Sri Lanka. And, each of the suites is created uniquely with the Indo-colonial designs. Hence, the stylishness and privacy within the hotel is of the maximum level.

People will definitely enjoy their stay in the Reef due to its numerous features. Some of which are the well-equipped kitchens, big swimming pool, tennis court, tropical gardens, and the garden gazebos. Most importantly, there is the Reefresh Spa that offers soothing health services for all the guests of the boutique hotel. Lastly, tourists who want to get tanned or just simply unwind may stay on the beach seeing that the Reef Villas and Spa is just near the beautiful waters of Sri Lanka.

There is a newly-established Champagne Bar in the Main House of the Reef Villa and Spa. And so, guests will be able to relax in the balconies with woven cane pieces of furniture as they listen to the natural sounds of the parrots atop the araliya trees and the water fountains. Moreover, they will be able to see the out-sized garoupas that lie within the lily ponds.

Various spirits and cocktails may be enjoyed by the guests of Reef Villa and Spa. But the type of liquor that is served in the Champagne Bar is none other than the delicious champagne.

The drinks being presented in the Reef Villa and Spa’s Champagne bar is very much tropical in style. Some of the cocktails available in the bar are named after tropical-related items such as the ginger, mango, hibiscus, passion fruit, cardamom, and lime.


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