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Dar Darma riad in Marrakech

The word riad comes from the Arabian term for garden, “ryad”. The riad concept is one exclusive to Morocco, particularly Marrakech. It’s usually used to refer to a standard type of traditional Moroccan house wherein the dwelling is situated inside a central courtyard filled with flowers or shrubs. The riad-based housing arrangement is particularly found in the medinas of Marrakech, hence you often hear Marrakech luxury riads. The colonnaded balconies and the central courtyard surrounding the traditionally designed Moroccan riad offer an agreeable and altogether pleasing atmosphere where you can relax or eat in peace.

Morocco is the exotic country at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is the land of intoxicating fragrances and tantalizing spices, the country with the romance of Casablanca and the excitement of Tangier. Morocco is full of exciting cities like Tangier, Marrakech and Rabat, sleepy market villages along the quiet mountaintops and then the endless horizon of the Sahara that envelops the southern region.

While the villa is usually more concerned with showcasing its beachfront property and the chalet is more focused on serving as a resting place in between intense skiing sessions, the inward-looking design of a riad is more interested in reducing the disruptive noises from the streets outside and creating a tranquil sanctuary. Meanwhile, a private riad is a riad that you can use exclusively for your own purposes; renting one is like having a vacation home all to yourself, with the added bonus that it just happens to be a history-laden and fully furnished riad. With that said, seclusion and serenity is the most prominent feature of any given riad.

Marrakech riadsThe Benefits of a Private Luxury Riad

A riad is arguably as serene and calm as a convent or monastery, so vacationers who are out to unwind and relieve their stress will find that a riad vacation is just what the doctor ordered. The fully-staffed Marrakech luxury riad is the ultimate riad in terms of luxuriousness and extravagance. Usually found in the more ancient parts of Marrakech‘s medina—i.e., near the Medersa Ben Youssef, Dar Meryem—a luxury riad is capable of offering its guests the best of both worlds in terms of old-world sensibilities and modern-day conveniences.

More to the point, a Marrakech luxury riad is able to keep the charm of the past and its many mystical traditions while simultaneously offering air-conditioning, cable television, broadband Internet, in-room safes, and so on. A riad is a place where you can see past and present coexist together in perfect harmony for the sake of making your vacation extra special. The best private riads are the ones that are able to merge modern utilities into their traditional architectural features. Then again, even the most expedient of luxury riads will allow you to discover the virtues of solitude and the values of rediscovering your own individuality.

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