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Quality Villas reports a new renaissance for St Tropez. With a surge in requests for this region, Quality Villas has increased its portfolio of villas since January by nearly 40% to meet the demand.

“Clients who are new to the area are often surprised how utterly charming St Tropez is. It is after all a quaint port.. just with a few stunning large yachts in the harbour!” says Margaret Rees, owner of Quality Villas. “I always advise my clients to visit the local market at Place de Lice for that all-french feeling, or head into the hills for a stroll through the villages.”

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Writers try to pinpoint the exact allure of the St Tropez region and often fall short of ‘getting it.’ It is somewhere where seeing is believing, yet seeing is always surprising. There is no doubt in Quality Villas’ mind that it is calling the luxury market back to its shores.

Dan Thompson, Manager of Quality Villas says “nearly a quarter of our holidays in France this year are for the St Tropez region. We have a superb range of styles and budgets, with villas ranging from £1300 per week to La Grande Bleue at £28,070 per week.”

“I think this region is so popular because there is something for everyone in a compact area” says Margaret. “I can take my grandson to sandy beaches. My son can indulge in fun-filled nights out in St Tropez town. I can pop over to restaurants in the hilltop village of Gassin for the wonderful ‘menu fixe’; do some wine-tasting or water sports…. It’s all on St Tropez’ doorstep”


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