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From the volcanic Stromboli to the fishermen’s village of Marettimo, from the original “dammusi” buildings to the ancient, traditional gardens in Pantelleria, the Sicilian islands are varied Mediterranean jewels that have remained untouched by the mass tourism found in other parts of Italy.

Di Casa In Sicilia offers a diverse selection of special vacation rentals in Sicily: terraces with gardens that gently slope to the sea, Aeolian houses, dammusi and charming houses.

Lipari: the largest of the Aeolian islands is full of ancient history and culture. It was the heart of the Roman trade route in the Tyrrhenian Sea not only for its location but also because it was rich in pumice stones and obsidians – a volcanic glass produced when the lava cools.

The exquisite private villa Harmattan is beautifully situated high above the island’s yacht marina. Built according to the typical Aeolian-style architecture, the vacation rental features tasteful décor and lavish furnishings.

Pantelleria: it’s known as the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean for the peculiar dark volcanic rocks and the cobalt blue sea. Situated between the coast of Africa and the main Sicily island, Pantelleria has a touch of middle-eastern spirit that weaves throughout all the villages and architecture.

The dammusi villas are traditional domed houses made of dark volcanic stone. Di Casa In Sicilia’s vacation rental estate offers seven exclusive dammusi that each have its own courtyard, swimming pool, covered terrace and a large garden with sweeping views of the coast.

Salina: an island that inspires quietness and harmony. Magnificent scenery features breathtaking landscapes, charming sunsets, tranquility and serenity where time seems to flow at a leisurely pace. Villa Malvasia is tucked away between Santa Marina and Malfa, a perfect dwelling on the dreamy island.

The property is surrounded by a garden replete with sumptuous flowers, dwarf palms and Mediterranean plants. Built in the typical Aeolian manner, the private villa features simple elegance, exquisite details such as antique furnishings, paintings and ceramics, all in bright and warm rooms.

View more of Di Casa In Sicilia’s vacation rentals in Sicily. If you’re interested in booking any of these rentals, contact Di Casa In Sicilia on their Paradizo profile. Photos courtesy of Di Casa In Sicilia.


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