SJ Villas New Corfu Family Holiday Homes

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SJ Villas' Corfu Family Holiday Homes

Just recently, SJ Villas added a pair of Corfu luxury family holiday homes to their catalog of holiday villas. Both of these not-so-humble abodes feature state-of-the-art facilities and modern designs. They’re also unique for the island and new to the rental market because they’ve been developed as family homes instead of rental villas. This uniqueness on their part makes them stand out among the many other run-of-the-mill villas out there.

After all, who wouldn’t want to stay at a homey yet elegantly designed vacation house filled with extra home comforts, large comfy sofas, and well-equipped kitchens? The Garden House and the Melpomene of Corfu have everything you’ll ever want in an estate and much more because they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to accessibility and coziness.

In particular, the six-person Garden House is a hilltop villa occupying a place accessible to the Kato Korakiana village nearby. It offers circular panoramas of Greece’s, Corfu Town, Albania, and the mainland; it’s also surrounded by beautiful olive groves everywhere.

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More importantly, seekers of pure solitude and relaxation need not look anywhere else than the Garden House. The seclusion and privacy this vacation rental affords you is its main feature, which is further highlight by many benefits that make you want to stay cut off from the rest of civilization such as an excellent Italian cook who prepares all your three meals six out of seven days a week, a concierge that can arrange excursions and restaurant bookings, and a £1,068-per-person rate.

SJ Villas' Corfu Family Holiday HomesMeanwhile, the twelve-person Melpomene is situated on a hillside near the Kassiopi Village and a thirteenth-century Roman fortress that overlooks the sea beyond.

In just one villa, you’ll get to “travel” through time via the cultural monument of sorts, be near another tropical paradise, and have access to a quaint Grecian village filled with tourist delights. What’s more, the nearby shore is filled with everything you’d expect out of a high-grade beach—soft sands, the bracing breeze, clear waters ripe for all kinds of aquatic activities, and so on. As for the house itself, it offers French-country-style furniture, stone fireplaces, a separate television room, large leather sofas, detailed terraces, and a seventeen-meter pool.

Regardless of which luxury villa you pick, you’ll always come up on top.

Even though these are just two luxury villas out of many, these two are special vacation homes that cater to everyone’s needs in their own unique ways. If you value privacy and hearty meals, then the Garden House is the estate for you. If you’d instead want instant access to the beach or are interested in historical landmarks, then the Melpomene will probably suit your tastes.


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