Last-Minute Summer Offer for Tuscany Villa Casa del Pipistrelli

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Take Advantage o the Special Offer for Casa del Pipistrelli

Merrion Charles is a company that provides first-class concierge service to the people who love travelling. This company is popular for its way of handling its clients wherein it spends time in knowing the features that will meet the satisfaction of the said individuals. The company helps their clients in finding the best restaurants, the most extravagant vacation rentals in ITaly, and even the outstanding boutique hotels that can reach the standards of its customers.

Merrion Charles, which is an Italy-based specialist in private travels, decided to launch a new and exclusive offer. As of the latest, the company is presenting promos to which clients will surely benefit from. And, among the luxury villas in Merrion Charles’s collection that is accompanied by a special offer is the Casa dei Pipistrelli, an estate located close to Siena.

Casa dei Pipistrelli is a property that is established near Siena. This estate is considered to be an ideal lodging for families and group of friends.

Tourists who have been to this villa found a very comfortable stay due to the refreshing furnishings of the bedroom plus the bathrooms are all fully-equipped. The guests will also have the chance to prepare their own food seeing that the kitchen has complete equipment. But if they are not in the mood to cook then they may benefit from the delicious food presented by the villa’s cook.

There are various activities that may be done by the guests within and around Casa del Pipistrelli. They may ride or walk towards attraction spots in San Gimignano and Siena and this may allow them to learn the unique culture of this area.

Casa dei Pipistrelli will be available from August 20 to 27, 2011 and the clients will save €3,500 and they will only have to pay €6,250. This villa will be available from August 27 to September 18, 2011 as well.


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