thinkSicily has luxury villas in Italy for exclusive limited offer

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Enjoy a luxury private villa without having to worry about running to the bank! thinkSicily is a leading vacation rental broker offering quality private villas in Sicily. This year they are raising their offer to invite guests to enjoy a true luxury vacation amidst these trying economic times.

Not all news coming out of the foreign exchange markets is negative: thinkSicily is offering its clients a remarkable £1 = €1.30 for a limited period only. Today a pound will buy you around 1.10 Euros, which is hard to swallow when you consider that just 12 months ago you could have bought 1.30 Euros for the same pound. If you book your private villa before February 28, 2009, thinkSicily will calculate the Sterling price at the January 2008 exchange rate of €1.30 to the pound, creating savings of around 15%.

thinkSicily offers fine private villas in Sicily from owners of the finest properties around the Italian island. Working with both local and foreign owned companies, thinkSicily offers villas that are available exclusively for their clients. The exclusive agreement allows thinkSicily to promise and guarantee only the highest standards of service and accommodations. Each villa has a unique charm and personality creating a wide range of choices for all types of travelers.

Enjoy a private villa vacation with a local private chef creating tantalizing cuisine using local products and traditional recipes. Foodies can indulge in the high quality meals served every day exclusively for your family and friends. Some villas offer private chefs included in the final price, but thinkSicily can arrange private chef services for all villas upon request.

Offering luxury vacations inspired by the gorgeous Sicilian landscape, thinkSicily is dedicated to preserving the natural surroundings and local culture. They work with local companies and family-owned businesses in private houses and small hotels. All of the household services are provided by local contractors and family businesses, as thinkSicily believes strongly in direct contribution to developing local economies. It also ensures that thinkSicily guests will have a truly authentic luxury vacation in Sicily.

Photos courtesy of thinkSicily. For more information, visit the thinkSicily profile.


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