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Luxury travel is all about the unique experiences. It’s about discovering the wild heart of a place beneath the well-trodden tourist trails and landmarks that are photographed non-stop. Sure, there’s a reason some things are touristy – it’s impossible to go to Paris without visiting the Louvre and it’s not a trip to Sydney if you don’t have a photograph of the Opera House. When all is said and done, it’s the little things that make a vacation memorable; the café in Provence owned by a married couple who served homemade wine with fruit picked right from the garden, or the wrinkled smiles of the men who have never left their fishing village in Krabi and are eager to show you why.

Time+Space Cadaqués is one of these special experiences that gets to the meat of the region. In their case, the destination is Cadaqués, the celebrated seaside town in Spain’s northeastern region Catalonia. Located just north of Barcelona in the beautiful seascape of Costa Brava, Cadaqués is the famed home of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí but was also a center for other avant-garde artists including Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso and Man Ray. Encompassing the area’s distinctive artistic flair, Time+Space Cadaqués has created specially curated tours of the town, including local artists’ private studios and possible art classes.

Owners Barbara and Juan Castella have designed four-day Time+Space vacations in Ses Vistes, their private villa in Cap de Creus. Built by Catalan architect Fernando Torrent, the private villa reflects a distinct modernist touch and welcomes the region’s endless sunlight in beautifully appointed and spacious rooms. Ses Vistes overlooks the Bay of Port Lligat and opens onto a large infinity pool, teak patio, heated Jacuzzi, barbeque and outdoor dining.

Just minutes from the villa is Casa Dalí, the artist’s favorite retreat where he could enjoy views of the light and seclusion of Port Lligat. Guests at Time+Space can tour the house that has been preserved exactly as Dalí and his wife (and muse) Gala designed it.  Guests can also journey into the surreal and truly wild world of Dalí at the Theatre-Museum Dalí in Figueres. The astonishing building adorned with eggs and the quintessential smirk found in all of the artist’s work was created by Dalí also houses collections of other greats like El Greco and Duchamp.

Art travel aside, guests at Time+Space will also be treated to fun and refreshing yoga classes led by resident yoga teacher Kixe Grau. You can also explore the stunning Costa Brava by arranging walking tours, scuba diving and boat trips around the area. And the real treat is the extraordinary cuisine served by resident chef Paco Perez, a celebrated chef recognized for his experimental Mediterranean cuisine with unexpected creations that will tantalize every palate.

Contact Time+Space Cadaques on their Paradizo profile to book your next vacation. Photos by JPVargas and 122.


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