Ultra Luxury Villa Castellamonte in Dominican Republic goes fractional

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There’s a new combination on the luxury travel market. One of Dominican Republic‘s top ultra-luxury private villa has recently revealed that it will open up to fractional ownership, inviting discerning travelers to invest in the property. Villa Castellamonte is considered one of the most exclusive vacation rentals on the island and this new Fractional Owners Program is an exciting twist for the private villa.

Investors can purchase incremental one-tenth units of the highly regarded vacation villa. This fractional program invites the new owners to enjoy five weeks throughout the year and have full use of the fully-staffed private villa. The time frames are flexible as well, offering annual rotations of fractional use for all investor-owners.

“Fractional ownership programs are found throughout the world, allowing investors to own and enjoy a property of a much higher value than they could typically afford individually,” commented Jason Matthews, the current sole owner of Villa Castellamonte. He continued, “the rationale to fractionalize made sense because although my ownership will be less, so too will be my expenses.” Mr. Matthews is retaining 2 units (20% ownership) in Villa Castellamonte for his own personal use and enjoyment.

A key element of the new fractional ownership program is the availability of financing. Citing the economic rocky road, Mr. Matthews has offered to personally finance accredited investors seeking to purchase one or more units through the program. Further, realtors and brokers are also compensated under the program.

The ultra-luxurious Villa Castellamonte has been celebrated in several top reviews from MSNBC, AskMen and Fodor’s travel guides. For more information, visit www.villa-castellamonte.com.


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