World Class Service Management and Training Obtained by Ani Villas

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World Class Service Management and Training Obtained by Ani Villas

According to Ani Villas, they have recently hired Bruce Hearn, who is the previous Property Manager of Cerulean Villa, in order to become a consultant of the company. They have done this for the purpose of advancing the quality of services of Ani Villas. In addition, the company also wishes to develop the knowledge of their personnel when it comes to providing top-quality services among the guests.

The training carried on for four long weeks at the Starkey International. This particular certification program is considered as the top service level in this specific industry.

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As said by Ani Villas, all the personnel of their company are on their way in finishing the Starkey International training system. And, in this seminar, the individuals are being taught regarding how they would be able to carry out the services in the best possible way.

Mr. Hearn believes that a luxurious property must be handled by well-trained people. And, in order for the staff to maintain the high-level of services to which Caribbean is popular for then they must undergo a series of training on this area. Through this, the personnel will all be able to promote the satisfaction of all the guests who will be staying in their estate.

Ani Villas view Hearn as an advantage to their company. Furthermore, Starkey International also believes the same that is why have asked Hearn in becoming a partner of their Starkey Caribbean.


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