Big Fish Luxury Yacht Continues “Around the World” Expedition

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Big Fish Plans an “Around the World” Trip

The first among the many strong and luxury yacht charters produced by Aquos Yachts is known as the Big Fish.

It took about three years to build this 45-meter extravagant expedition ship and its first journey started in Auckland Harbor Viaduct then it traveled to Society Islands’ Papeete on June 28, 2010.

Big Fish’s route consisted of tours outside New Zealand such as Tahiti, Northeast Passage, Fort Lauderdale, Amazon, and Antarctic. And, as of the moment, the luxury ship begins to depart from Antarctica upon reaching the middle of its Polar Circumnavigation course. It is quite unbelievable that such kind of yacht was able to travel a large distance of 22,000nm in a time that is as short as seven months.

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This luxury yacht was designed in such a way that it would be suitable for use in long cruises. And, in order to make the most out of the Big Fish’s steel hull and its capability of traveling 10,000 miles, the owners devised a route that covers an around-the-world tour passing through the two poles. The company will then allow reservations along the way as it continues its journey in the months of January and February.

The path will include the western area of South America, Patagonia, and Antarctic Peninsula. And then, Big Fish will go towards the northern region to the Upper Amazon and they will allow the passengers to peek through the highly notable natural fauna of the said region. Also, the travelers will also be able to experience the native traditions of the said place.

The most-awaited part of this journey around the world is probably on September 2011 wherein the Big Fish will go across the Northeast Passage, which is located just above Russia. This event is momentous since it will be the first time when a yacht will traverse the said region.

In 2012, this luxury yacht vacation company will release the Star Fish, which is about 50 meters in size and has six staterooms, and is now being created at McMullen & Wing Shipyard situated in the city of Auckland. There are more things to come from this company and these will all be introduced while the Big Fish travels through the oceans this October.


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