Hands Om Crew’s Yoga Yacht Charters

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When we go on vacation, we are seeking to escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We want to get away from it all and rejuvenate, refresh, recharge. Vacations are about having fun; they’re a chance to explore and indulge.

Denise Dobbs kept this idea in mind when she created Hands Om Crew, a luxury travel company that is exploring new horizons in the health and wellness industry. It is a staffing agency that accurately assesses the personal goals for each client and professional practitioner to create a perfect match in the private home and, recently, on a private yacht. A new program, Yoga Yacht Charters, allows clients to have a yoga instructor onboard their yacht charter that was personally selected for them based on their individual needs.

In order to ensure only the highest standards, Hands Om Crew establishes personal relationship with each of its crew members and yachts. The agency personally mentors highly skilled massage therapists and yoga instructors as they adapt to yachting life. This personalized approach and attention to detail keeps Hands Om Crew ahead of the other staffing agencies in the yacht charter and spa market.

The yoga crew portfolio continues to grow with qualified massage therapists and yoga instructors from around the world. Each candidate must complete a three step interview process and assessment of their talents. Dobbs developed the process personally to appropriately match both freelance and professional practitioners with clients based on their personal skill sets, travel desires and other specific criteria.

Hands Om Crew assists yacht charters by providing highly qualified professionals to yacht charter crews. As many guests look to incorporate health and wellness services in their yacht charter vacation, Hands Om Crew promises highly skilled practitioners who are knowledgeable in the latest techniques and personalized services.

Now, thanks to Denise Dobbs and her team of experts, you can charter your yacht and have a yoga class too!

For more information, please visit Hands Om Crew. Photo courtesy of Hands Om Crew.


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