Menorquin yacht charters in Spain, Croatia and Greece

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Menorquin Charter is a premium yacht charter and broker based in Menorca, Spain. Yacht charters from Menorquin are available in Spain, Greece and Croatia. When it comes to style, quality and luxury, nobody does it better in the yachting business than Menorquin.

Since its establishment in 1978, Menorquin has provided the highest quality yachts in the businesses. Last year, they introduced the yacht charter business and never looked back. With strict attention to detail and an adherence to classic elegance and traditional craftsmanship, Menorquin is a dedicated contribution to the yachting industry.

Yacht charters are a popular way to explore the Mediterranean and offer impeccable accommodations like a floating 5-star hotel. Charters are unique enhancements for any luxury vacation and allow you to sail the high seas without the staggering price tags of ownership. From Spain to Greece, you can explore the Mediterranean coast in style and according to your personalized itinerary.

Yachts range from 10 to 18 meters and are perfect for romantic getaways or family vacations. The Menorquin Yacht 120, or MY 120 is an agile 12 meter yacht for up to eight guests, an expansive sun deck and sleek interior design.

The Menorquin MY 145 is a popular yacht charter option with two luxurious cabins. Menorquin is also launching a new option for the interior layout for the MY 145; further expanding the shipyard’s entry into the 14 metre sector.  An increased accommodation capacity by means of a third cabin is the distinguishing feature of the renovated Menorquin Yachts 145 that are available for brokerage.

The Menorquin Yacht 145 with three cabins has the same qualities of comfort and safe navigation and maintains the same high quality standards in design, construction and finishes, all of which are identifying features of Menorquin vessels.  This new layout option for the MY 145 can be adapted to both the Hardtop and Flybridge versions.

Menorquin strives to meet the different needs and preferences of each customer; it is with this aim in mind that this new adaptation of the interior layout of the Menorquin Yacht 145 is presented.  Each customer is unique, therefore we endeavour that our boats encompass all expectations and requirements”, declared Javier Cancela, Director of Sales and Marketing at Menorquin.

Menorquin, currently integrates a varied range of vessels from different sectors, as well as services that complement the global structure of the business: The Menorquin Llaüts range comprises yachts of between 5 and 8 metres in length. The cruising Menorquin yachts range between 10 and 18 metres length. These yachts are the collection available for yacht charter services. Menorquin also features new options like super yachts Menorquin Custom Yachts, of 20 and 24 metres length and Largo by Menorquin which competes in the classic runabout sector.

For more information, visit the Menorquin Yachts profile. Photos courtesy of Menorquin Yachts.


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