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Omni Marine Koh Samui Yacht Charters

The wind has changed once again, and the high season is back here in Andaman Sea. With many new Yachts coming near shore every day, Phuket is starting to get more yacht charter traffic in the high season to be as a base for the diverse cruising ground in the area.

The islands beween Phuket, Krabi, Trang province are hidden gems that only the few blue waters sailors have encountered. Omni Marine will guide you trough a cruise in this paradise, where the hidden coves and uninhabited island engulf you with an overwhelming feeling of relaxation.

One of the new additions to the Omni Marine Charter Yacht fleet is the Calisto, which features 136 feet of pure yachting history. Built in 1944 for the US Navy, Calisto was originally a YMS-1 class minesweeper that was transferred upon its completion to serve the Royal Navy of Great Britain. After World War II and a decade of glorious service, her voyage soon charted a new course.

In 1954, the luxury yacht was bought by Mr. Thomas Loel Guinness, the Irish tycoon and former MP, who also owned the famed La Calypso of Jacques Cousteau. Under Mr. Guinness’ dedicated supervision, Calisto was brilliantly transformed into his personal luxury yacht. Just like La Calypso, her sister vessel, Calisto was, and still is, all about old world charm and high sea exploration. She catered to the boating pleasures of the elite and well-heeled. She sailed the waters of Greece and Britain, roamed the seas off the Antibes and Sicily and all over Europe in style, often in the company of celebrities and politicians.

Now she is part of the fleet that cruise these waters. Boarding Calisto in Phuket with your cruising party takes on into realm of another dimension of cruising The Andaman sea. Cruising Phnag Nga Bay on the way out to Krabi and it’s abundance of hidden gems we stop at Kho Hong where there is large lagoon with crystal clear water deep enough to stand in.

It’s here in South Thailand you get the feeling of being one with Mother Nature. Swim in the lagoon and come onboard for a cold fruit platter with tropical fruits, and enjoy the wiev from the fly bridge while you are cruising to Phi Phi islands. The islands are considered by many to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with a lunch picnic stop at one of the white sandy beaches , you can truly experience Solitude.

After swimming with a abundance of corals and fish we continue the cruise with our Private luxury yacht charter onboard Calisto to a group of island in the middle of the ocean named Koh Ha.

Here we catch on one of the moorings in the sheltered bay with a small beach and a large corral reef, time for the first Dive of the Cruise. The diving here is considered one of the top dive sites in Thailand, and the chance of spotting whale shark, manta ray is here for you to explore.

The best dive is to follow the reef around the island. When you come up form the dive it is time for a Glass of fruity crispy chardonnay and a Tapas of chicken Satya, Todmaan kung (shrimp cakes) fresh roasted cashew nuts and grilled calamari that the crew has catched while you where diving.

Time for spa on the top fly bridge, here you get treated to a massage that will take away your last thoughts of land and everyday life…Now you are cruising the Andaman Sea with Omni marine and the escape from trivial things have now started. Time for sunset and a champagne toast with your cruising party, here you will admire the limestone cliffs of Koh Ha, and engulf in the sound from the ocean touching the beach.Omni Marine Yachts in South Thailand

Dinner is set and the conversation carries you into the night. In the morning breakfast is served at your leisure while cruising to Another set of islands named Koh Rok, this is natural sanctuary and the beaches here white fluffy powder sand. This is one of the islands in South Thailand‘s Andaman sea that has large monitor Lizards roaming around and occasionally comes around the beach to see if you left something for them to eat?

The snorkeling along the reef in Koh Rok is a fauna full of tropical Fish and Turtles, the crew will guide you along and for those of you that like jungle trekking this is the chance to explore the island. Diving at night is perfect at Koh Rok as the shallow reef is near the mooring and the Private Yacht.

Spending at least 2 days here is recommended. From Koh Rok we set our compass bearing towards south and head for the last frontier in Thailand, Koh Lipe Island this is the hoe to the Chao Lye (sea nomads). They have been roaming these waters for many hundred years and was once the brave warriors that saved the sultans of Sumatra (Indonesia).

Koh Lipe is an island that has it all pure nature with beaches and coral reef’s and prime resorts and beach bars to go and party in. This is a nice stop over to meet and great and have some fun nightlife.

Cruising back towards north we set bearing for The Trang islands where the famous emerald cave was discovered by a local fisherman during a storm Years ago. This is large opening into a cave that you can swim trough and come into one a the most magical places. Inside the mountain is a small beach with a lagoon. And the cliffs side surrounding the lagoon has orchids, monkeys and bird that sings trough the eco.

Our crew will guide you trough out the swim into the cave that lead to the beach, as there is no natural light, it is a fantastic experience once you see the opening and the beach. If you stay outside the cave on your private Yacht, you will see the millions of bats that come out at sunset for the dawn hunt of tropical fruits.

Cruising by Koh Ngai, you can go for a long walk along the white beach on the island, and if are lucky see one of the large hornbill Parrots that lives in this island.. As we pass the southern of Koh Lanta, we’ll stop at Pimalai resort and have lunch on the beach.

Omni Marine offers you the options of being picked up by Helicopter, or Seaplane to Transfer you to the Airport in Phuket or Krabi. Or why not just continue your cruise back to Phuket overnight with your cruising party, as omni marine’s slogan is “Pure freedom is anchoring your floating hotel of an uninhabited tropical island.” For your Private Luxury Yacht Charter please contact us.

Happy cruising from the crew of Calisto & Omni Marine.


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