Summer Yacht Charter YPI Group’s Mia Elise

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Charter YPI Group’s MIA ELISE this Summer

One of the most popular companies that provide unique yacht charter vacation experience is the YPI Group. The company offers their collection of extravagant yachts plus they also let their clients obtain a memorable holiday cruise.

By chartering the yachts of YPI Group, customers will be able to gain new experience as they travel using the company’s super yacht. Furthermore, they will also get to travel around and discover the secluded lands and seas. And, the passengers of the yacht will also be given the opportunity to feel a new level of luxury through the first-rate services of the yacht charter’s crew.

This summer, YPI Group will be presenting the Trinity MIA ELISE, which is a yacht that is about 50 meters in length. And, this yacht will be available with a special charter fee for the summer season only.

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€235,000 per week offer

It was in the year 2010 when MIA ELISE was first introduced by the company. And, its first travel in the Mediterranean is set this coming summer season. MIA ELISE is a large yacht with beautifully decorated interiors, which is based on the plan made by Patrick Knowles.

MIA ELISE is large enough that it can have room for as many as 12 passengers and they can all share the 6 staterooms of the yacht. Moreover, part of the 6 rooms is the duplex master suite.

People who love physical activities may take advantage of the watersports and gym gadgets of the boat. Meanwhile, relaxation can also be achieved through MIA ELISE’s sunbeds, entertainment system, and Jacuzzi. Lastly, the passengers will still be able to communicate with others given that it is equipped with the useful communication widgets.

YPI Group offers different schedules and routes in order to satisfy the needs of various clients. The Corsica or Sardinia tour will take place from July 23 to 28 and “Sicily and beyond” will begin on August 22. The rate of rental for the yacht will be €235,000 every week and this does not include of the other expenses.


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