First leg of Sunreef Yachts’ Around the World Expedition

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Sunreef Yachts, the successful yacht brokerage company behind maritime success like the luxury catamarans Seazen II and Mamma Mia, have recently reported exciting news from a fascinating around-the-world adventure story.

Joining the ranks of Magellan and Sir Francis Drake, the Bourgnon family is currently on a world-wide tour. Sunreef Yachts is reporting that the family of six has just crossed Patagonia in Southern Chile and arrived in Robinson Crusoe Island in the Pacific.

Noted navigator Laurent Bourgnon has taken his family on an incredible tour of the world aboard Sunreef Yachts’ first power catamaran, the 70 Sunreef Power JAMBO. They have already traveled for four months through distinct and extreme weather conditions, proving that JAMBO is an ideal yacht for discovery voyages. The power yacht was customized specifically for this adventure and is truly an exceptional boat. Sunreef designed the eco-friendly vessel with minimal fuel consumption equaling two liters per nautical mile. It’s a luxurious power catamaran that takes maximum advantage of natural wave forces to increase its speed for an environment-friendly yacht experience.

The trip began just after the Cannes Boat Show in September, 2008. The Bourgnon family ventured into the serene Mediterranean from the Côte d’Azur and headed for the Cape Verde Islands off the western coast of Africa. Laurent and his wife Caroline have carefully designed the international tour so their children can learn about countries and cultures as well as the importance of learning languages like English and Spanish. The trip is also motivated by Laurent’s desire to teach the art of navigation to his family as well as discovering the world from the sea and developing an eco-friendly attitude towards the environment.

Before reaching the Cape Verde Islands, the Sunreef JAMBO found port at Puerto de la Duquesa in Malaga, Spain as well as Gibraltar and Essaouira on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. The family discovered a few simple pleasures of life at sea, including dishes of freshly-caught fish and bottlenose dolphins dancing in the bow wave of the Sunreef yacht.

Reaching Cape Verde on November 27, the Bourgnon family explored the ten volcanic islands and the welcoming villages. Remaining at port for over a week, the family got to know the warm and inviting locals of Cape Verde and learn more about the archipelago. However the explorers couldn’t stay long as they wanted to cross the Strait of Magellan in favorable weather.

On December 8 the Sunreef power catamaran crossed the equator amidst strong winds rising as they moved eastward to Brazil. JAMBO arrived at the sparkling Fernando de Noronha Island two days later and the family enjoyed fabulous weather, diverse marine life and world-class diving locations. Located off the Brazilian coast, Fernando de Noronha is one of twenty-one islands in a beautiful archipelago abundant with amazing landscapes, crystal clear water, lush national parks and diverse animal populations of dolphins and other flora and fauna.

After three relaxing and fun-filled days, JAMBO was off again for Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. They weren’t the only ones who were sad to leave the islands. Laurent’s eldest son Jules described the send-off from Fernando de Noronha: “All of the sea animals seemed to come over to say goodbye. Suddenly a whole group of dolphins began playing and dancing around Jambo.”

The family continued through the warm, animal-filled waters along the coast of Brazil, pausing every now and then for scuba diving and exploring the underwater world of stingrays, sharks and dolphins. After a vibrant New Year’s celebration in Santa Catarina in southern Brazil and a fabulous time in the area’s lush vegetation and spectacular sites for windsurfing and kayaking, the Bourgnon family set sail again towards the southern tip of South America.

The first week of January was spent in desirable ports like the popular destination in Uruguay, Punta del Este, as well as Argentina’s glittering capital Buenos Aires. Up next were the Valdes Peninsula and the deep heart of Patagonia. This breathtaking coastline of southern Argentina is home to marine mammals like sea lions, elephant seals, fur seals and whales. The children discovered the climate to be pleasant with calm, mild breezes even though they were spotting arctic animals. Finally, the Sunreef motor catamaran navigated through the massive blue icebergs and isolated villages as they entered into the wild landscape of Patagonia. Crossing the Strait of Magellan at the beginning of March, the Bourgnon family has successfully completed the first leg of their grand adventure.

As they sail away from the Atlantic and into the Pacific, the Bourgnons are looking forward to exciting port calls in exotic locations like Robinson Crusoe Island, Easter Island and a longer stay in French Polynesia.

Stay tuned with Paradizo as we continue on the journey with Sunreef Yachts around the world on their stunning catamaran.


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