Book Two New Yachts from Sunreef Yachts this Summer

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Book for the Two New Yachts from Sunreef Yachts this Summer

Sunreef Yachts is a well-known provider of yacht charters among the many sailing enthusiasts. Furthermore, this company is acknowledged for their unique yacht sales and yacht models. Some of the deals offered by Sunreef involve catamarans, sailing yachts, and power boats. In addition, these charters are dedicated for cruises in the hottest destination spots such as Bahamas, Caribbean, Italy, Croatia, and Greece.

For this coming summer season, Sunreef Yachts presents two charters for their very own superyacths Che and Ipharra, which were introduced in the year 2010. Travelers will surely enjoy a Mediterranean sailing while riding these two Sunreef catamaran-superyachts.

Ipharra was launched ruing the Cannes International Boat Show that was held in 2010. This superyacht is about 102 feet in size and has two decks. Based on the figures, there have been a lot of charters recorded for the Caribbean season. And, there is a continuous increase in number of charters in BVI and Cuba before the cruise returns to the Mediterranean this coming May 2011.

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The itinerary for the cruise with Ipharra will include the West Mediterranean for the months of June to August. Meanwhile, the yacht will travel across the Adriatic Sea (Turkey) in the month of September. About 12 passengers can ride this particular yacht and they will be accompanied by 4 crewmembers. The charge per week for Ipharra will be about €55,000 plus APA.

On the other hand, the catamara superyacht Che was introduced in the month of July of 2010. At present, this yacht is traveling along the Caribbean and it is scheduled to arrive at Mediterranean this May. Summer will be very much exhilarating since the yacht may be chartered for a journey across the Adriatic Sea and the West Mediterranean. About 7 travelers may be carried by Che and about 5 crewmembers will join the trip. The guests will have to pay €74,000 per week and there will also be additional payment.


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