ViaMari Yacht Club Presents a New Yacht Destination Club

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Combine the sophistication of a private yacht with the convenience of fractional ownership in a destination club format. The newly debuted ViaMari Yacht Club is a private yacht club offering ultra-luxury yachts available exclusively for the club members.

ViaMari, LLC operates like a yachting country club, offering membership based on the amount of time members wish to set sail on the sea. The private yacht club membership programs include a refundable deposit, annual dues and incidental fees per usage. ViaMari members can choose between two programs: Regional and International, offering 50-70′ yachts and 80-120′ yachts, respectively.

ViaMari, LLC was formed in 2006 and recently merged with SeaNet, LLC to become an international private yacht club offering exquisite, ultra-luxe yachts in six destinations. All yachts in the ViaMari fleet are Sunseekers, varying from a 52-foot (15m) Manhattan yacht to a stunning 111-foot (34m) Sunseeker.

The ViaMari Regional Club offers fully-captained, fully-crewed yachts that are spacious, stylish and perfect for fun overnight excursions on the open sea. Members of ViaMari’s Regional Club can enjoy boating vacations along the United States West and East coasts and the Caribbean.

Members of the International Club program can enjoy mega yachts in hot yachtings spots like the Mediterranean, Adriatic and the Pacific Rim. ViaMari memberships start at $79,500 and increase depending on the amount of time you wish to spend at sea. Contact ViaMari for further information on how you can join the exclusive yacht club.


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